If you do not get vacation..........What should you do?

@redsky (100)
August 17, 2007 10:10pm CST
After doing a hard work last 2 month. I ask the boss about my holiday. But he said that I shall get no holiday. B'cuse there are more work to do. :(. I do not understand what should I do?
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• United States
14 Sep 07
That's hard to answer really. It depends on where you live - the laws there.
@aliasad (1567)
• Pakistan
18 Aug 07
Hi Redsky! Welcome to mylot firstly. There are certain factors that would determine your problem as you have not mentioned. First of all the work place (Organization), secondly the job assigment and finally the policy. If you may communicate these ... possibly friends are here to help you out. As far as mine is concerned, I work in an office where there is policy for employees for availing the leave & surely leave type like "casual" & "Medical" and Annual Leave.
@Zelmarq (12418)
• Cebu City, Philippines
18 Aug 07
If I dont get a vacation I will try to make the best I can to finish to work at hand so that when the work is done I will be able to enjoy the needed vacation. its nice to go on vacation when there are no more work to think about and just enjoy the vacation and enjoy the time and have fun. You should focus on the work at hand and then and try to do your best and not just for the sake of doing it but also giving it all your best so that your boss will also be happy and your boss will give you the needed vacation as well.