Changing direction or going in reverse?

United States
August 22, 2007 2:15pm CST
Six months ago I was offered a job with a major computer company. I can't tell you how thrilled I was when I was offered a significant pay increase, great benefits and the opportunity to be part of a team that managed corporate accounts for this company. Sure, I'd have a hour commute one way. Sure I wouild be gone 11 hours a day instead of eight and a half. But it was worth it to be able to provide better for my family! Over half of my pay increase went into my gas tank and to maintain my car. The job, while having its perks, was boring and the office staff incredibly clique-ish. And that hour long commute that kept me away from my kids an extra two and a half hours a day is wearing me out. I'm the kind of person that sticks things out until the end, and as this job paid well, I kept telling myself I'd be stupid to leave. But the idea has been in the back of my mind from the start. I then found out that my company is cutting wages. Cutting them to the point that I'd be making less than I was at my old job if I continued to make the daily commute. So I made a decision I had been playing with for several months, I contacted my previous employer and have accepted my old position with them. Moral of the story... before you make a big leap like that make sure you have gone over every single angle. What sounds like it will be a wonderful oppurtunity can turn out to be a big lesson learned instead.
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@lexus54 (3575)
• Singapore
23 Aug 07
It is naturally for anyone to want to move on to a better paying job than the current one, especially if the pay packet is significantly higher. But pay is not the only consideration, although often it is an important one in decision making. Sometimes, other negative factors make the pay rise not worthy of consideration. I'm glad in your case, you had a viable alternative when you realised the disadvantages your better paying job brought you. I know of some ex-colleagues who moved several jobs in search of better pay. They would get a pay rise each time they moved, and after a number of moves over several years, somehow they are much better off in terms of earning power compared to those who stayed at one job. Sounds unfair, doesn't it, but that's life. They may be rolling stones, but I guess they have skills and experience employers value enough to want to hire them, even though they didn't stay long in their previous jobs.
@lyndee22 (1210)
• Philippines
23 Aug 07
This really happens in reality. We seek and search for a better opportunity on the way. We want to have a better life. We always take the risks. Sometimes we don't think of our present situation, we don't weigh down things. We just grab every chances that we think give us a mountful but if has advantages and more disadvantages on our part. We don't find satisfaction or contentment in our work.
• India
23 Aug 07
i have changed quite a few jobs. i can understand you completely and i am agree with you. you should think before you quit your job for a new job.
@squaretile (3831)
• Singapore
23 Aug 07
thanks for sharing! this is a valuable learning point indeed. It's great that you maintained good relations with your former colleagues and bosses so they were happy to take you back. Sometimes a long commute really tires one out. On a daily basis, it can wear you down and take the joy out of life. I think sometimes we must just be content with what we have. the problem is that it's a fine line between what is doing your best and not underachieving, and aiming too high and falling hard. Sometimes I think I'm just not challenging myself enough. :)
@drmusic (173)
• Mexico
22 Aug 07
wll i fell like i suffer this same a time ago, now i am unemployee becuse i leave my actual job they pay bigs but is a boring, stupid and irtritaiting job, i have to take 4 buses in one day only tyo go an retur home, majke aroun 40 minutes on tha way and dont sleep wel becuse the tension i prefer my old store clerk job that i can go walking to it, i can go home to eat and retur walking the customers were nice and not a lot of works so alwasy remeber when you going to change job think it twice