How often do you bathe your dog?

@Laurla98 (786)
United States
August 23, 2007 9:49am CST
We just got a new dog and I was curious how often do you give your dog a bath? Ours has longer hair and I would think I don't need to bathe him too often. He isn't getting that dirty just going in our backyard.
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• Portugal
23 Aug 07
it kinda depends on on the type of dog and the hair, longer shorter!! well i hv a little poodle and i bath her once a month, thats what the vet says its normal but sometimes when she gets a little dirtier from the street when she has longer hair and i bath her once a week/or once every 2 weeks! right now its summer she has short hair and its just once a month... i guess its up to u and if u think ur dog needs a bath or not! just make sure he/she has all the vaccines and looks clean
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• Portugal
23 Aug 07
the most important thing is tokeep ur dog clean and healthhy and happy... isnt it bad to wash ur dog regularly so often!! it might be bad for their ears or something!! pooor dog!
@rubygrace (649)
• Philippines
26 Aug 07
at least twise a week Monday and Friday.
@eprado (1473)
• Philippines
25 Aug 07
I bathe my dog once in a week, that's about enough for my pet I believe. It keeps her hair healthy and shiny. I suggest you do the same or better yet you can get the advise of your vet on what is good for your dog breed. :-)
• Brazil
24 Aug 07
Once a week. At saturdays!
@katkat (2378)
• Philippines
24 Aug 07
I've asked that question before to my vet, according to him you ought to bathe your dog after 2 days. My dog is a terrier. I suggests you should consult your vet as well since bathing of dogs may vary. Probably the best indicator for them to bathe is when you smell something out of the ordinary, we don't need to have the sensitivity of their nose to determine that.
@Lifeless (2638)
• India
24 Aug 07
I do that once in two or three weeks... I have a pomeranian and doctors have told me that if i bathe him more often, he will start losing his hair... So, I prefer bathing once in a month...
@jiggy88 (10)
24 Aug 07
I have a long haired dog and the vet said I could bath him twice a week. He said more bathing than that can dry out his skin. I you keep your dog brushed everyday that will cut down on shedding and keeps the dirt down.
@williamjisir (22900)
• China
24 Aug 07
I don't have a pet dog. My used to have one poodle. We washed it every day as it went to the street to play and made itself dirty. After a day's work, it would be washed and would not be allowed outside on the street, but inside.