What The Heak???

@irishmist (3818)
United States
August 25, 2007 6:52am CST
I was sitting in my bedroom. The phone rang and it was the neighbor from upstairs, and she wanted my daughter to babysit her child. Well ok my daughter was dead asleep when I woke her up. ( she owed her a babysitting job) Well guess who ended up watching the child? Yup me... and it was at like 1 am this morning. It is now 3 am, and I finally got her to bed. Or so I thought. My 8 year old granddaughter helped me to get her to sleep. Thank you Shelly! Ha but she got back up. As some of you know I have been having problems with my daughter, but she has been taking quite a bit of advantage of me as of late. She thinks she is playin me, but she has gone to far as of late. lol I think. Humm... 'No I know", she has a problem with turning 30 years old. The new boyfriend, thanks to the girl upstairs. My daughter thinks she will move him in. Stuff just going on. She thinks she is playing me. Oh How wrong she will be. I have my own plans. In due time, when I have all my plans set into motion. I don't care if I have to only leave most of my stuff behind. I will be gone. Once again she will get my stuff, but ahaa, in the end she will lose it, and meantime I will have built myself back up. And she will never have control of her kids. They Never Listen to her. She will never have the respect from them "that I have". Well I guess I said enough on this. Like I always Like To Say : Life Is like A box of Chocolate. You Never Know What you're gonna get.
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@carolscash (9498)
• United States
27 Sep 07
I wouldn't move out of my home and leave it for her. I would insist that she learn to do what she should or she would be gone. When I first read this, I thought that she was 15 or something.
@irishmist (3818)
• United States
2 Oct 07
Well she is 30 & there is even more going on in the house, as she moved her boyfriend in. My apartment will be ready soon. I do feel bad for her though, as it is not really working out with him, but hey that's not my problem.
@barehugs (8984)
• Canada
10 Sep 07
Well I never did much babysitting for anyone else, just my own kids. At the time I used to use corporal punishment when they needed correction. I have changed my mind on that now. How can love and compassion be taught with Violence? I doubt that it can. If I was doing it over again I'd try psychology. Sounds complicated I know, but its just commom sense. You sit the child down and explain the problem. Then you reason with the kid. It might go like this... "You will have to keep your room tidy because I want you too. If you do it and I'm happy with it I'll give you a dollar each week. If you don't do it you will have to stay home on Saturdays and I'll watch you do it, and then you can clean my bedroom too." So what do you think about psychology?
@Zhinnta (20)
• Australia
26 Aug 07
Just wondering how you're factoring in your grandkid/s with all this? Hope you've got it all figured out & not just working on emotion. Sounds like your daughter needs a wake-up call, for sure... but you don't want to lose grandkid/s in the process