when rats cook your food?

August 26, 2007 10:08pm CST
the movie is great, nice lessons learn and has an original touch and emotion, superb i can say for another disney successful movie. But what if we put it to test to reality, what if rats do know how to cook? what food would they prepare for our table? hygenie problem perhaps? give me your wildest imagination on how real rats cook if they really can?
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@hershiez (464)
7 Mar 09
It's really impossible but, if they were given a chance to cook for us, wh0a! I think it's cute! Hehehe..Especially, when they are like the rats in the movie. They know how to use sterile-t0-sterile technique. Great! ^_^
@gerald_lian (2191)
• Australia
15 Nov 07
Yeah, I agree with you that it was a good movie, because I thoroughly enjoyed it when I watched it; and believe it or not I actually watched it a few times over. Now going over to the specific question, if rats really could cook food, I think they will make a dish out of bits and pieces from the garbage outside restaurants or dark lanes, which will make the dish only suitable for rats to eat, not humans. Why I say so is because rats think like rats, while humans think like humans.=P
• Bahrain
14 Oct 07
I can say it was a great movie. I love all disney animated films especially the recent ones, they always have something good and new humor to show.
• Australia
29 Sep 07
The rat is so cuteeeee in the movie. The movie makes me want to have a pet rat. :) If rat can cook, "Houston, we have a problem"! Health & Food Safety Inspector might have to come everyday to do food safety check on the rat's personal Hygenie and the food itself. LOL.
@meaculpa (338)
• Philippines
21 Sep 07
I really like the movie. It has a different story wherein rats cook the food. It has a nice setting in Paris, France. If rats can cook, they would be probably make use of garbage food and it's going to be dirty!
@aseretdd (13732)
• Philippines
27 Aug 07
I think it is quite impossible for rats to learn how to cook... that it why it is only in the movie... although i must say that rats are indeed intelligent creatures... i love the movie, it gave me and my daughter such a great laugh...