Rafael Marquez vs Israel Vasquez II

@raulgc01 (306)
September 9, 2007 2:39pm CST
I like the second fight between Rafael Marquez and Israel Vasquez, it is like a war that it can be considered as one of boxing's greatest fights of all time, however there was a miscalculation by the referee. He stopped the fight even if Marquez can still trade punches. If the fight continued, Marquez might still win because of the cut on the top of Vasquez right and left eyes which can be a cause for a TKO. THe bout was promoted by the GOlden Boy Promotions, which can earn big if there will be a third fight.
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@mensab (4202)
• Philippines
13 Nov 07
yeah.. i saw the fight. it was one of the best. it could be lined up together with the castillo-corrales, ward-gatti, ali-louis fights, or arce-hussein fight. i love watching aggresive boxers who punch and knock opponents out. vasquez and marquez fit these descriptions and they really gave us a hell of a fight. i agree that marquez could have been given another seconds to retaliate because he was still punching, although i doubted the power behind his punches, but he was punching - a true aztec warrior. i like to give him a chance because he is a champion and i saw many fights won by one punch. im sure he has that kind of punch. i beg to have a trilogy.
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@wurrmed (177)
• Philippines
10 Sep 07
Saw the replay as well, Marquez looked dazed and as what I can see he was unable to defend himself while Vasquez was throwing those bombs, looking forward to a possible trilogy