Is there any way to correct our discussions?

@estherlou (5017)
United States
September 11, 2007 10:14am CST
I was starting a discussion, copied and pasted it, backed up to correct some things and to add a link to an article, and ended up with two with the mistakes and the one I fixed. Is there any way to prevent that from happening? I didn't know backing up before submitting would post the discussion anyway. Bummer...
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@suspenseful (40312)
• Canada
11 Sep 07
If you paste something in the box and you press the backspace key to remove the bad letters and insert the correct ones, and if you also insert the link, you will not post unless you press the post response. However, it seems there is a key on the computer, a hot key, that does the same thing. I have not found out what it is and I do not want to try now. So the best way is to avoid touching anything on the computer keyboard other than the letters you are pressing to write the message.
• United States
11 Sep 07
I think she is talking about the BROSWER back button here not the backspace...Correct me if I am wrong.
• United States
13 Sep 07
That's one of the things I don't like about this site. We can't fix our posts!
@thefortunes (2367)
• Netherlands
12 Sep 07
Hi Easterlou, when this same thing happened to me I sent a message to support to delete the one with typos, and they did. It will be great if they included this problem into the things that could be made better on MyLot, and I think that if enough of us ask for it - a way to correct our own discussions, they might include it in the options in the future, so what do you say MyLotters, should we try suggesting it to MyLot admin staff?
@MsTickle (25136)
• Australia
12 Sep 07
Yep, I've done that too. Instead of saying...this discussion has been posted, you're presented with a clean slate so you assume you get a second chance. Unfortunately, this is one of those lessons you learn the hard way...there's nothing you can do mate. (When I did it it was because i realised that the photograph i posted was posted it anyway.
@mummymo (23707)
12 Sep 07
If there is sweetheart I have no idea how! I once started a discussion and for some reason it posted 10 times! lol Nothing to do with me of course it must have been something to do with mylot!!!! Hey we all make mistakes and it is nothing to worry about! xxx
@Nardz13 (5056)
• New Zealand
12 Sep 07
Hi there. Yes it sure is a bummer, Ive done the same thing, but twice, it would be really great to have a back button for this very reason...
@sjohnson628 (3197)
• United States
11 Sep 07
I wish there was a way to correct our discussions. I have done the same thing as you twice now. And I also did the same thing by hitting the back button and it submitted. It's frustrating to say the least. Ending up with two typed with mistakes and the other correct. The funny thing though is I usually get responses to each one LOL.