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September 13, 2007 2:23pm CST
I was hoping someone would give me some information about adopting a new puppy when we already have a 3 year old dog at home. I can look up a ton of information but I want the real practical information from people who have actually been through it. The problem I can see so far is that our dog is very jealous and feels like he has to guard us (myself, particularly) from everything. Here's some of his guarding behaviour: He won't let the cat near the bathroom door if I'm in there He barks out the front room window, the second I set foot inside the shower and won't stop until I'm done He barks anytime someone approaches the house He won't let my husband and I dance - something we really enjoy - and tries to stand between us. He's even barked at my husband and tries to grab him by the feet and drag him away from me. If we sit side-by-side, he jumps in between us He's a loving gentle dog but he is huge and sometimes he acts aggressively and excitedly towards us. The reason I want to adopt another German shepherd is because I feel the dog needs to socialize with other animals and needs the opportunity to run and wrestle with something equally as strong.....I should mention that his brother lives down the road and although it's fun when they get together it isn't often enough or with any regularity. I hope I explained the situation well enough because the vet suggested we get a Lab because of their gentle quiet nature but I'm really hoping to adopt another German Shepherd.
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• United States
13 Sep 07
You need to carefully introduce them before you make a final decision. If they get along, then it is a good idea to seriously consider it.
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• Canada
21 Sep 07
You're right. We're calling the breeder and talking to him about introducing our dog to one of the new puppies in spring. If it works out, then we'll adopt.
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• New Zealand
2 Feb 08
Just a thought, there are people around that specialise in behaviours with dogs, wonder if someone is in your area? I wish you well with the adoption but firstly think this behaviour needs control so you can dance you life away and enjoy it.