seperation and work it out?

@jcyap888 (721)
September 17, 2007 11:50am CST
i got this friend who work as a house helper. She been bothering from what his husband is doing, (he has girlfriend and he is always visiting her. until he confess that he loves the girl.) she is very confuse and at this moment she is crying for maybe they will be seperated. she is working hard for the family , his husband is working too but from last month his alibi is that his boss dont give them salary. until she discover that his husband has a girl. i think work it out and let the man choose if he still loves her or not.
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@gradyslady (4055)
• United States
23 Sep 07
It depends, because what if the love is starting to fade, you can't just work everything out, sometimes separation is the best choice.
@tujiagirl (368)
• China
18 Sep 07
If i'm the wife, I can't accept the husband again until he leaves the girl. All relationship need love and trust to make it strong.If somebody destroys it, we need to fix it. If the husband doesnot take it seriously and leaves the girl, I think the wife need let it go and move on. Maybe she will be happier when she gives him up.
@jarves (814)
• Philippines
18 Sep 07
Problems like this, they can work it out. I think they should give time to each other to talk. They would have a lot of things to discuss. Maybe from there they would find out what they lack for each other and maybe somehow no longer look for someone to fill in the hole that one has.
@cheodej (102)
• Germany
18 Sep 07
they must talk about it & make a decission. i don't understand why this things happen but she must be strong in dealing situation like this. i'll pray for her that she can overcome this obstacles in life.
• Philippines
18 Sep 07
if i was the wife i would just let go and move on..i know its easy to say but hard to stand up on it but its my least choice to save my a$$ up on it..i could have given a chance to work it out if things aren't complicated yet but the husband already stated the he loves the girl i cant be hoping things will get better..its one sided love and i cannot live with it..i still have a life to pursue and move on but if the husband would just said he was just confused and be willing to change and fix things then why this situation the husband had fallen out of love already so i wont be hoping anymore..
• Canada
18 Sep 07
You're friend needs to do what is right for her. Unless he is willing to be faithful I doubt that she will be happy. Not only that but there has been a major violation of her trust. It is not possible to have a healthy and happy marriage without trust. So unless she is willing to accept this situation happily or he leaves this girl and earns back her trust I don't see how they could possibly work it out.
• Malaysia
17 Sep 07
In this case, we need to ask her about what she wanted this situation to be look like. She must already has the projection for future answer. I mean go for separation or anything else. A verbal consent is the imperative value before we proceed to the next steps. Because she is the owner of this case. We cannot put up any 'jump to conclusions' as she is still belongs to her husband, who has the authoritative duty on her. Helping her is another matter or issue. Sorting problems is the first step as to identify the solution findings. We are the third party in her case. Third party must works within limitations. Pity is not the essence of this case in decision making and it is only a conterminous element.