Negarakuku ....How do you feel?

@samseiko (116)
September 17, 2007 1:03pm CST
After listening to this song what do you think of the author? How do you feel? Personally I wanted to know what had happened to Wee Meng Chee, what makes him took such drastic measures and now he had to suffers the consequences....sigh so lets share our views
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• Singapore
19 Sep 07
1. i think he has the talent to create music, but he had made a mistake to express his feeling ( why choose national anthem?) 2. he had speak out lots of think which lots of Malaysians mind, especially those are not 'bumiputera'. he even speak out the things that even politician don't dare to point out. 3. some stupid politician swear to capture him if he didn't make apologise before National Day. he end up playing 'lu dao xiao yue qu' at you-tube??? he said he already curious about life wasting in jail??? you can check his blogs at 4. most of non-bumiputera are unhappy with government works already, anyway, don't worry about his consequences because i believe all of us 'have' faith on government effectiveness. i believe he will get caught.... after he had changed his gender? haha, just a joke, but i salute him
@samseiko (116)
• Malaysia
20 Sep 07
yes i agree with you about the national anthem is way off the limit...provoking the government too far. he dares to point out...those points he pointed out in his other musics...he just keeps repeating it until the politicians take action and now they did but not in the way he likes it by the way, i can't seems to find the song that you states hehe. nonetheless i like his songs still we had no idea what had happen to him now since there is no news about him anymore!
@qouniq (1967)
• Malaysia
1 Oct 07
I think he is the most stupid person ever live in Malaysia. He should have to think even all the Chinese minister also feel that it is unfair to the Chinese community, but taking this stupid action don't even have in their mind. I agree that he only expressing his feeling, but do he think if the way of his expression is right or wrong?! What do he think?!! Can write a song and become popular can give him a right to insult Muslim peoples in his song...May be the part with the government issues still can be accepted,..but what about the part which he said the morning azan is like a rooster sound?!...Of course most of the Chinese peoples feel proud and adore him for what he have done,..but do they know their story of coming to Malaysia?!!...That one they should have to know first...