Do you stand up if a senior walks in the room?

@dbhattji (2507)
September 18, 2007 4:44am CST
Children stand up when their teacher enters the classroom as a sign of respect but as we grow up we loose that habit - so do you still stand up and for whom?
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@pumpkinjam (6808)
• United Kingdom
22 Sep 07
It is not very often that I am in a room where a senior walks in. I suppose it would depend on the situation. Generally, I wouldn't stand up for anyone walking into a room but I guess if it was a formal occassion or if it was someone who I didn't know very well and who commanded a lot of respect then I probably would stand up.
@kishusia (1069)
• India
22 Sep 07
Yes, we stand up whenever an elders walks in the room. It is a part of our culture.
@cdcale (89)
• Singapore
18 Sep 07
I do only when its a formal occasion and someone who is important enters the room. I think most people would stand up and greet a person anyway, unless it is a close friend, and the meeting is more casual.