Which league is the best soccer league in the world?

October 12, 2007 9:46pm CST
I think the candidates can include England, Spanish, Italy, France, Germany, Brasil, Argentina. A good league should have not only high-level players and top teams, but also have healthy economy and organization. What is your opinion about that?
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@danoluma (817)
• Kenya
21 Apr 08
In my view the spanish league is the best, Its so competitive, its a league where the last teams in the table can beat the leading giants. It also has some great players. Ronaldinho, Messi, Eto'o Ruud Van, and many more. Spanish soccer is also entertaining isn't it?
@sifuku (60)
• Malaysia
29 Jun 08
yes, i agree..but this league is less promotion than EPL..thats why that league is less popular than EPL,especially in asian. most media just focus in EPL,so it influence fans more like watch EPL than other league. as a conclusion, every league is the best. but what makes difference at eye of fan is more influence by media. soccer live forever!!
@devilangelo (4525)
• India
5 Dec 07
well . according to me the best league in the world is . the Barclays premier League .. one of the reason for this is .. it has my favourite club in the world. Manchester United also . the matches played in it seem more interesting , lively action packed filled .. than the italian serie A , Spanish La liga or the German Bundesliga .. i m not saying that opther leagues matches are boring . its just the .. the premiership matches seems more active and are also played in a faster pace . compared to others :)
@solson (406)
15 Dec 07
i think the premiership they have got so much talent
@Goldmoney (313)
• Slovenia
19 Oct 07
Best league to watch on TV is Premiership League for me. It is very dynamic and you can see real fighting on the ground. Spanish La Liga is also quite good, but only when big clubs play. I don't know what to think about Italian league. You can see very good matches there and also the most boring ones. Only league in the Europe which I don't like to watch is German Bundesliga. I hate it! But that is just my opinion!
• United States
19 Oct 07
I agree with you on all points. In the English Premier League every game is interesting, no matter if Manchester United and Chelsea play, or Bolton and Aston Villa. You are never sure how the game will turn out and very often a game may turn completely around in a couple of minutes. In Italy usually the big teams win and you don't see a lot of goals because they place too much emphasis on defence. The Spanish league is more attractive than the Italian and there are more goals, but again usually the 3-4 top teams rule the league. In Germany they play solid physical football, but somehow it is very boring.
@stevoo19 (99)
14 Oct 07
In my view its got to be the english league basically because everyone beats everyone on a good day no games can be taken for granted its fast action packed and so much passion.
• China
15 Oct 07
Thanks for your opinion!
@chooseus (172)
• Indonesia
15 Apr 08
I think English premier league is the best league right now....
@steerforth (1798)
• Italy
19 Oct 07
I'm Italian and I like the Italian soccer league, there are a lot of champions and I'm a fan of Inter Football Club. However I think that English soccer is great, too. It's great and they have more tradition in football.
@ssh123 (31086)
• India
13 Oct 07
My knowledge in foot balls teams is very poor. If you ask country-wise best teams, I like Brazil. They play better football than any other country in the world.