Some hints would be good

October 19, 2007 6:39pm CST
Basically i would just like women to give some for sure hints that a girl is interested in you. Sounds lame i know...but i just don't seem to have a clue. I have only ever really cared about two girls in my life and both times i thought they liked me more then just a friend, but got it wrong. The first was a girl who i went to highschool with. We use to meet before school and after school and just talk for hours....we would talk on the phone just about every night....and we would see eachother every weekend...when she would go away she would invite me. Finally i got the nerve up to ask her out and she pretty much just pretend like she didnt hear me. The second was a friend of my cousins....she went to a highschool near me....and like the other girl we would meet before school and talk...and often would just not go to school and spend the day together...we would talk on the phone for hours a night.....and we saw eachother quite alot....i even would go over her place and got on really well with her family.....being apprehensive about the first girl i asked out i wasnt going to ask this girl out but all her friends and even her family told me that she really cared for me more then just a when i finally did ask her out she asked me to change the subject. See i dont have a clue
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@cdv102 (132)
• United States
20 Oct 07
Yeah, I would have thought they were interested too, but I will say this: If you're interested in a girl, you should try to make your move before you end up in the friend zone. As a girl, I know that in the past I have had guy friends who I could have been attracted to at some point, but once enough time passes, that person became such a close friend that I could no longer picture getting romantic with them. It's great to get to know the person first and all, but don't wait too long. You don't want to wait until she feels like you're brother and sister.
20 Oct 07
Sometimes you need to work at it and sometimes you hit it off. Simply there is no straight answer. If a woman likes you enough she will make it known, but one thing i would say is be openly friendly. Women love to hear they have nice hair a dress looks good etc. In return you will get an honest reply about you. If you treat a woman as a friend they may only ever see you that way. I would just be nice sometimes extra nice it doesnt hurt and will always make the womans day and probably yours too. But to get a true answer you need responses from females on here that can give you what they see from theyre side.
@topei12 (272)
• Philippines
20 Oct 07
Yeah, that would be easy if the girls would give hints if they like you. And sometimes it is really hard to tell especially with girls that are just too sweet and friendly. But if you seek for those hints it should be clear to you that you also like the girl or you just wanna flirt. Someone told me that you should like them straight in the eyes and from there try to find some hint.
@hjz3501 (16)
• China
20 Oct 07
oh, i think you are a lucky man because the girls would like to make friends with you though finally you failed .my opinion is that the opportunity wont come ,just take it easy,man!you never know until you try,you never try until you really try,you have done everything in your power ,then still failed,the matter of the true is that you have not failed at all,when you reach for your goal,no matter what the may be,do you think so ,come on ,maybe next time you will succeed!
@SweetTrix (1071)
• United States
20 Oct 07
Yea I would have thought they were interested in you being that they spent so much time hanging out and talking to you. Well all I can really tell you is that if they playfully push you, or grab your hand playfully, they probably are interested in you. Also if they flirt with you verbally then its probably a yes too, but thats just me, I'm a flirt. Every girl is a little different in how they flirt so it really depends on that. And other girls just like hanging out as friends. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.