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@ciades (1624)
October 24, 2007 2:00am CST
The title of the Topic is one big factor of the readers. Title should attractive and can catch the attention of your mylot friends and other mylot members. It is one way inorder to motivate the members in responding your topic. Some or mostly of the readers will not read the entire topic. They just read the title and if they dont like or relate with it. Then they just pass away or rejected the topic.
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@gr8life (6252)
• Malaysia
26 Oct 07
Hello ciades, Normally, I will check my e-mail notifications for new discussions started by my friends here. I will read the topic and the first few sentences and press the respond button to reply, if only I have something to say. I agree with you that topic plays a big influence in deciding whether to respond or not to respond, but I, myself never deleted the discussion because of the topic itself.
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@williamjisir (22901)
• China
24 Oct 07
Hello ciades. You have given a precise analysis about the topic titles so far as their attraction to people is concerned. To me, it is just like this. If the title is attractive, I would like to read on, otherwise I just skip it without going on reading, let alone responding to it. Of course, it needs to be one that I can relate it.
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• Canada
26 Oct 07
Yes, I agree that the title of any topic can be a good grabber...but I do not agree that readers do not read the entire topic. For those who are looking for a quick response to increase their credits or earnings they will often do not read lengthier discussions. However, I would not dismiss a whole other membership here. Those are quite a few who are looking for thoughtful, deeper discussions and frequently align themselves as regulars on sites that provide that. The discussions I post at Perspectives have had a fair number of longer topics and I have been most appreciative of the responses that are as long or longer than my original post. So there are different types of members here looking for different types of discussions to participate in. If the subject is of interest I have found that they will come. However, that is only my experience...and perspective on this subject. Cheers, Raia
• Canada
27 Apr 08
I appreciate your best response on this...thank you! Raia