Christmas List part 2

@Ravenladyj (22920)
United States
October 29, 2007 2:32pm CST
So for those of you who write Xmas Wish lists for the holidays, do you usually put a lot of things on your list or just a couple of things that you really want? I like to give my family lots of options LOL I'm very difficult to buy for apparently (I'm not really though LOL but try convincing my husband of that ;-) ).....I usually have 10 or more different things on there with the necessary colours/sizes/etc etc and its worked out really well over the yrs LOL...Last yr I even emailed some of the items page links to my husband which he really appreciated LOL (he really does suck at shopping for me if I dont help him out LOL)... So how do you do it?
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7 Nov 07
As I said in the previous discussion I have LOADS of things on my lists. Usually I just put the things I really want. But this year most of what I really want is expensive (paintings for my living room) so I left them off altogether. And I put astrics beside the items I really really want. They're weren't too many of those items so again - I didn't want to know I was for sure getting those plus there wouldn't have been enough to go around. With clothes - I prefer no one really gets me any unless they are 100% certain that I'll like them (the excepting is UK sweatshirts). I'm picky and it's hard for me to buy clothes for myself. Plus I'm more likely to buy myself clothes I need than a book or a DVD that I want. I do send a few web pages to those who have the internet. And I have on occasion actually gave them magazines with what I want circled in them. My hubby does really well for me even when he's not shopping off my list. He's pretty good at it. I'm glad about that too LOL. Don't want a Homer Simpson :)
@irishmist (3818)
• United States
31 Oct 07
It really depends on what I need or want at the time. I keep asking for ink for my computer, but never get it. My kids tell me, it's not a real gift. Well for me it really is a real gift and something I want. But I always get great stuff.
30 Oct 07
My hubby just asks me what I want for Christmas. If it is in the budget, then he will get it for me. Unless he gets a big commission check I probably won't get it.
30 Oct 07
I am always stuck for an answer when someone asks me what I want. I have, in the past, tried to keep a note of things I would quite like but it never quite works out that way. This year I have a list of around 6 things, but I am happy with anything really.
@AmbiePam (56897)
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30 Oct 07
I don't usually ask for much because I can't think of many things that are reasonable to ask for for Christmas. For instance, no one can get me a new car. LOL But my parents and sister always tell me to write it down for them, so I do e-mail it to them. This year they are aggravated at me for what I'm asking for. Money is ridiculously tight for me, so I asked for things like bottled water (I can't drink tap - long story) and stove burner covers. My mom was like, what? That is no fun. So I gave her a few stores that I wouldn't mind getting a gift card from. Like Walmart, where I could buy the water or the burner covers! : ) No one in my family will even e-mail me their list.
@xParanoiax (6997)
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29 Oct 07
Only a few things lol. I'm not too materialistic lol. And having a small room (though thank God I have a room all to myself now...I used to share up until last year lol) kinda puts a stop to most of my wanting things, that and my rather dim view on "things" nowadays -- and I totally suck for that...but I have three things on my wishlist this year. I'll be lucky to get one of them, as always...but as I always say, I can hope anyway. :) Most of my stuff is pretty simple. I don't need to write a whole bunch of details on it. A trilogy, a movie...the only thing I really need to describe is the tattoo I want. Which I had to change recently 'cause... well. The tattoo was originally five as-realistic-as-can-be blue green scales on my right shoulder blade. Every scale represents a day of perfect happiness in my life. I didn't want to count moments, because they're so small and easily forgotten. So I decided to count days, since they're so few and rare...and thus precious. I had to change the description from five to seven ^_^ because I had two more of those days on my vacation at the end of this past summer. Anyway...I'm going on and on lol. I'm the only one in the family who makes a wish list ^_^