How Do You Resolve a Credit Issue?

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November 5, 2007 11:07am CST
I have an account with Household Finance. I am having a major dispute with them, and not sure where to go next with it. They are still saying I owe them way more than I say I do, and they are not wanting to budge at all with accepting any fault of theirs. The main issue that has created all of this, is that due to some Health issues, I ended up not being able to make payments all of the time when I should have been, and they ended up turning over my Account to another Company. Then I started making payments with them, and got the amount down to where it was less than $900 owed and then Household Finance decides to take it back showing I still owe almost $4,000 dollars. So there is a Big discrepancy showing here for sure. I am getting NO WHERE with trying to talk to Household Finance and they keep on insisting this other amount is correct. They are not willing to budge on their amount at all, and the other company will not discuss the issue with me, saying that Household Finance chose to take the account back so they have nothing to do with it anymore. I did use Cashier Checks from my Bank so I have proof of all of the $$ I have paid in, and copies of both bills with the different amounts, and probably will end up calling a District attorney or getting a Lawyer involved in this issue. I have even thought of going to a consumer Credit agent if I have too as well and see where I need to go next with this. This is really causing a lot of Stress and Head aches, and since they refuse to listen to me, and deal with me in a human fashion, I rate them as the WORST company a human being could ever deal with. So Beware if you are needing a Refinance of your House to avoid them and Beneficial and you will be a lot better off. Has anyone else faced this dilema, and how did you work it out, or are you still having to fight it too?
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5 Nov 07
you need to consult with a lawyer. Legally you should not make payments to another company other than the company with the original debtu UNLESS that company has proof that they bought the debt. Obviously this company did not buy the debt or Household Finance would not have been able to take it back. I have read on this issue, but cannot recall everything that was stated. I do know that if a debt collector has not bought the debt, then you do not have to pay them. And if they put anything on your credit report, you can dispute it and have it removed because they did not legally own the debt. Hope this helps. I would call a lawyer who is familiar with this area.
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@GardenGerty (118034)
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5 Nov 07
I have been having good luck with that company, but I have not been in the situation you are in. I have problems with some others. I would advise you to look for Consumer Credit Counselling, as it is a national company, not for profit. Especially since you have your documentation paperwork. It will be much less expensive than a lawyer, but if you need a lawyer, they will tell you so. Good luck. I can see where that would be causing headaches and stress.