Human Being and Maturity: How Far, How Near?

@healwell (1268)
Ahmedabad, India
November 13, 2007 5:43am CST
What I can say or write here is about the human process of development and growth! After birth how one is developed or in what condition, who develops more with balanced is also related thing; but in general development is based on education, surrounding effects, cultural situation etc.; while growth is mostly based on natural resources one has within through which one can grasp the true things and interpret all and gather essence out of that properly! This is some how called inherent possibility, which helps the individual to learn through any kind of odd situation with positive aspect! In the light of above mentioned things we can understand that either we are not developed regarding the war and violence and negativity or we neglect and avoid such things to learn for our self interest: I remember an old ancient story about sin making person; who was saying that let few people make sins so few people can oppose it and that way the Goodman show will run easily! One historian of 20th century has said that IF HUMAN BEING COULD UNDERSTAND AND LEARN PEACE AND NON-VIOLENCE FROM WAR AND VIOLENCE HAPPENED DURING PAST CENTURIES, THEN THE WAR AND VIOLENCE OCCURRED DURING LAST 100 YEARS WOULD NOT OCCURRED! So many people are saying that such situation is due to power gaining and the animal instinct we have inherited from evolution (thanks to evolution)! But at the same time what about all such which we have inherited from nature as a human being?! Well one has to see inside through this surface occurrences! If the pattern of development and growth would be taken in account then one can find out that this is also one process to break the old barriers as well to open new avenues! In 20th century few visionaries have highlighted this problem considering that if the man can understand and control himself then there are hopes! Few visionaries have tried out to put solutions like solidarity, democratic way of living the life, social justice and so on! Shri Aurobindo, one of the modern India pioneer and a yogi and great poet has written about this kind of situation world wide and noted that this will have a part of one big lap forward to evolutionary occurrence! I think that this situation needed to be understood in this perspective. That does not mean that we can't do anything. We can do something that's why such visionaries have said those things, which are to be considered while we are on this planet! We must use our positive attitude for that as well as vibration based creation regarding our positive concern should be promoted internally, silently with a faith that this would be work certainly at a right time! We can say that the maturity time is here and countdown has started. We are also here so we are part of this count down and as a contributor also we can do some thing justifiable things too! Who think this way? Is there any other way?
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@suspenseful (40314)
• Canada
22 Nov 07
Evolution I suppose assumes that with each generation away from the beginnings when our ancestors were apes and beastial, man has improved and so is now peace loving and able to get along with everybody. But the theory of evolution is wrong, since at no time have I read about or seen a story about an ape giving birth to a human, and there are still apes, monkeys, gibbons, chimpamzees, and gorillas living. So let me show the right way. In the beginning, God created man as perfect, the peaceful loving person who was friends with all and did not think of killing. Now he is given a wife, and along comes the evil one in the form of a serpent, gets them to partake of a forbidden fruit that will give them the knowledge of good and evil, translated as the knowledge of how to determine what is good and evil for themselves. So now we have a fight against good and evil. Good says to be friends with good, but now that evil is in the world, we have a problem. Are we to be peace-loving and friends with those who do evil? So now we have to fight against this evil and we have wars. The evil people want more land, and we cannot capitulate and let them walk over us. An evil dictator wants to kill people of a certain religion and race, if we were to be peace loving and getting along, we would let him do it. After all, we do not want to make waves. So instead, many of our nations gather against him and after years of war and conflict, this man is defeated and kills himself and his bride. So the only way for maturity is for all evil to be cleansed from the earth and from the hearts of men. We have not reach this, and it will not happen until God returns in the form of Christ to this Earth and cleanses all evil and all evil doers from the earth. So in the manner of preserving peace in the World, are you willing to compromise or take a stand?
@aaidjs (1149)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
22 Nov 07
Hello Dear!!You start very interesting discussion and I will need more time to think about all you wrote, but in basic I think that we all have to be more positive and have a good will to do something!!If just wait for others to do all the job we will lose our nice Earth!!I am so happy that I find your post and I will be back!!Now I am short with time,I am in the middle of cooking!!See you and Regards Silvana