What I admire most from my mother?

@Verity (851)
November 19, 2007 3:26pm CST
My mother is known to me as a "Greatest Mother of All the Mothers I've ever known in this world." It is not only because I owe my life from her but also because she is a woman of splendid beauty, humility, intelligence, and of demure character. A genuine Filipina beauty which is only found from a lass living in a barrio called as "Maria Clara" which qualities makes everybody admire her most. How about your mother?
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@cthorn (20)
• United States
19 Nov 07
My mom is the most giving, selfless person that I've ever known, which is the reason I admire her above all other people in my life. She has seven children and gives so much of herself to all of us everyday. She thinks of everyone else first, and herself later. I think that I picked up this trait from her, which is good and bad. I wish that she'd take some time for herself, spend some money on herself, and most importantly, realize that she's worth it.
• United States
6 Dec 07
my moms love and understanding and love for me and my 2 brothers, all her grand chlidren, and both husbands in her life, shes the greatest person on earth in my opinion and i bet in gods eyes to.
@Verity (851)
18 Dec 07
Yes, our Mother is the greatest person we have in life. She might not be the perfect one but she possessed all the qualities that a mother has. A qualities that we could always be proud of to anyone. Thanks for sharing!
@besthope44 (12141)
• India
14 Aug 10
Well mother is nature gift and she is our teacher in opening the eyes. She is master at her embroidery works, she does latest modern art on the embroidery thats is awesome and really cool.She is my best friend, to share and decide. Thats my best mom and she is unbeatable!I love her so much
@Verity (851)
17 Aug 10
Hi Best, thanks. Yes, we do love and admire much our mother. She is the noblest person we've ever known and nobody can replace her stead in our lives.