My sister-in-law pretends to be allergic to peanuts...

October 28, 2006 9:23pm CST
My sister in law had an allergic reaction to "something" almost 20 years ago. The doctor said it was most likely the stage make-up that she had been wearing for a school play. She has never been tested for allergies, but swears that it's peanuts she is allergic to. And she really plays this up by using it to avoid foods or situations she doesn't like, and her family (her mother especially, as she still lives at home) totally buy into it. They kind of "tip-toe" around her, so to speak, and treat her like a helpless child, which only makes it worse. Whenever we go there to eat or have dinner where we are asked to bring something, my husband and I are read the riot act, and basically "told" what we are to make and bring. I'd love to bring pecan pie to our next dinner, but of course, "it may be peanut-contaminated", so that's a no. And if I did, I'd never hear the end of it. What do I do about this girl, and her bratty behaviour? I've even offered to pay for allergy testing for her, using the excuse "what if she's allergic to more than we know?" But still, she refuses. Should I just decline invitations to avoid the hassle, or is there something else I can do? What would you do?
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@indiandevil (2133)
• Canada
29 Oct 06
My cousin does that she used to eat Ketchup and Mustard as I child all the time.. But now even though she has never been tested or had a reaction she insists shes allergic to Ketchup and mustard... when the truth is...she stopped likeing them
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29 Oct 06
Hello Weasel Sponge hows things going tonight. About your sister in law if it were me i would totally ignore the whole issue and when you take something for get togethers stay as far away from peanuts in the dish you bring as possible. To get along in a family sometimes we have to just go with the flow and although it is driving you crazy the way she acts hey what the heck it could actually be worse, she could say she is allergic to you . lol just kidding i know you are probably frustrated but really i would just not give her any attention at all about this. maybe she craves attention so badly this is the way she gets it so just be happy you do not have to deal with this a whole bunch . your friend if she would by some chance be allergic to peanuts it can be very serious so better safe than sorry.....bye bye