Your Christmas Memories

By Gabs
@gabs8513 (48710)
United Kingdom
December 12, 2007 5:37am CST
I started a Discussion 3 Days ago about a Christmas Memory of mine Well I will share another magical one with you and I would like everyone to share a Christmas Memory that they have I am 14 years old it is Christmas Eve I am excited about Christmas, I know one of my Presents as my Grannie buys me it every Year a series of my Favourite Books Enid Blyton I love reading and every Year my Granny will get me loads of Books for Christmas and a little something to go with it. I now live with my Mum and have done since I was 9 I still miss living with my Granny and smelling the Scent of Baking My Mum, Brother and my Mum's then Husband are watching TV, I am not really into watching TV I prefer to read my Books. Anyway I tell my Mum that I am going to stand outside for a bit, I was not feeling right. I missed my Granny and I just wanted to be outside alone with my Thoughts of a lot of things I stepped outside the front Door and closed the Door to I was outside for about 5 Minutes, when I noticed that it had started to Snow. Yes Snow on Christmas Eve. I stood outside for an hour just letting the Snow fall on me and watch the World turn white in front of me. I was not missed in doors as they where to busy watching the TV, so I enjoyed every minute of the Snow falling. I knew then it was Christmas and it wasn't to bad as I will see my Granny tomorrow. I went inside, told my Mum I am of to bed and I sat for a long time that Night looking out of my Window just watching the Snow. And yes the next Day it was still snowing Christmas Day and it was a white Christmas So you see I still dream of a White Christmas and have done now for years but we just do not seem to get them anymore, the last one I remember was about 15 years ago and I do hope that I will see another White Christmas one year So what is your fondest Memory of Christmas????
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@GardenGerty (115237)
• United States
12 Dec 07
I think one of my favorite Christmas memories was when I was really little, under six years old. We went to see my Mother's parents. I do not remember anyone else any other families being there, but they must have, because we were sharing beds. I got to sleep with my Grandmother. She was always a child at heart, and she and I lay awake, and she convinced me, as we lay awake, that we could hear the bells on Santa's sleigh. Most other grannies would have been shushing me and demanding that I go to sleep. A perpetual memory was that every year they did a paper sack for every person in the house, with an apple, an orange, a banana, ribbon candy, pillow candy, assorted nuts, and peppermints. They even fixed a sack for me, and for my husband when we got married and moved to California. Sometimes there were 20 to 30 people at their house for a holiday. More were invited, but did not always choose to come.
@gabs8513 (48710)
• United Kingdom
12 Dec 07
That is a lovely Memory to have I know that we used to get a Christmas Plate with those Items and a Chocolate Santa and Angels where there to
@addysmum (1225)
• Canada
12 Dec 07
What a great memory. I love a white Christmas but I lived on the prairies so we got them a lot, not so much now that I am on the coast. My oldest loves snow, we got a dump of about 20 inches a week ago and the whole family baby and all went out and played for over 2 hours. I don't see my son when it snows he spends all his time out playing in it.
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@lols189 (4797)
13 Feb 08
thats a nice memory you have got gabs. i like the white christmas scene too but no snow has been for a few years now. my fondest memory of christmas is the family get-together. its nice to see all the family who i have not seen in a long time
@Lakota12 (42681)
• United States
12 Dec 07
well not sure this is a fond memory but teh year was 1949 the worst winter ever got 10 feet of snow! yup we had a white Chistmas wouldnt ya say? adny way I got a bike that year boy was it fun tring to ride on all the snow but we also built slides in side the snow drifts had a ball.
• China
12 Dec 07
when i was in high school, my school cares a lot about our scores and ranks. At that time, we never celebrate Christmas Day. But when I was in college,I only went out with my roomates andwent shopping. It seems a little boring. But I think life in United states may be quite different from my life here.