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December 18, 2007 4:02pm CST
Michael Reagan during his talk show predicted on December 17, 2007, that if Hillary Clinton is nominated as the presidential candidate for the democrats, then a republican will win the 2008 presidential election; but if Obama is nominated as the presidential candidate for the democrats, then Obama will win the 2008 presidential election. Any opinion?
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@MntlWard (880)
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19 Dec 07
And Karl Rove was giving Obama advice on how to beat Hillary, so the right-wing (of which Michael Reagan and Rove are members) really think the opposite is true. He's hoping voters who don't want another Republican in the White House will hear him and vote the way the right would like. I'm not saying I *know* his prediction is wrong, but I do know he doesn't truly believe it, and it's a political trick.
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19 Dec 07
You probably may be right about Reagan's prediction being a republican tactic to the 2008 presidential election.
• Italy
18 Dec 07
I didn't know about the prediction, but I read that there were some polls that showed that Hillary has much more chance to win against republicans than Obama. Anyway, I think a democrat will win: the media is much more centered on them this period, and USA already had 8 years of republicans, it's time to change ;)
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20 Feb 09
RowenaTheWitch, it appears you, like Michael Reagan, were on the money! I guess Michael Reagan, probably from experience from his father Ronald Reagan and days around the White House and Washington DC folks, had some insight that most of us did not have! Funny enough, days after Reagan made this prediction on Houston AM 1070, he was removed from his 8PM to 11PM timeslot to graveyard shift!