how many coffee?

December 25, 2007 7:58pm CST
how many coffee do you get daily?when i'm studying i can drink 6 coffe per day more or less...i know that in not very wellness...what about you?what kind of coffe do you prefer?
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@aries_0325 (3062)
• Philippines
4 Jan 08
I love coffee thats why I drinking more that 5 a days. I love coffee and it is one of my favorite drink specially in the morning. I take a cup of coffee in the morning, even in the lunch time, merienda time or dinner time. I will take also a coffee when I feel something unexplain to my body and when I feel stress. For me coffee is my vitamin for my body.
• Italy
4 Jan 08
oh it's the same for like a ritual..i can take relax and pleasure from coffee time...
@olgiana (241)
• Mexico
16 Nov 10
I normally have about 2 cups of coffee per day, normally it is americano or caffee mocha. if i know a good place, i go for espresso.
@greyz7 (860)
• Philippines
11 May 10
i usually drink 1 to 2 cups of coffee per day.. i usually drink instant coffee which is very high in sugar... so i dont drink too much coz i know it could be ahrmful to our health and well being
@akante (151)
• Latvia
1 Dec 09
i have 2 coffee during a day:) when i was studing i had more tea not coffee.:)
@preve1984 (610)
26 Feb 08
I drink 3 or 4 decaffeinated coffee on a week
@jaredlp (418)
• United States
18 Feb 08
i've been known to drink a pot or two in a day though average is 4 of my cups (rather large ones)
@Ohara_1983 (4119)
• Kuwait
26 Dec 07
I take coffee everyday just for 2 cups daily, i cannot take more i feel horibble if drink more than 2 cups.i prefer most is nescafe or turkish coffee
• United States
26 Dec 07
I find that I can drink about 2 cups of coffee. But If I haven't drank any coffee in a long time and then drink a cup it makes me sick, so I tend not to drink allot of coffee. But I do really like the coffee candy's I get from Bad A** Coffee Company.