British TV

January 9, 2008 4:00am CST
Is anyone else (in the UK) fed up with TV that you have to vote for? When I was a kid, Saturday night TV was Noel Edmonds' slot. Love him or hate him, his Saturday night programmes were entertainment that you could just watch. Nowadays, you can't watch a program on a Saturday night without being "invited" to either ring up or text an answer or a vote to "keep your favourite in". Don't get me wrong - I'm all for raising money for charity but the fact that it is done week in, week out to "entertain" us is getting more than slightly tedious. As an example - we have just finished Pop Idol, X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing or whatever they are. What do we get told - "auditions are now taking place for the next series"...."tune in next week for the best tribute band show" That last one has me truly baffled - voting for complete strangers who are impersonating famous people??? Anyway - does anyone else remember Saturday night TV from the 'old' days? Any favourites? Anyone else fed up with vote-TV?
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