What is the BEST or worst prank you've ever successfully pulled off?

United States
October 29, 2006 9:02pm CST
Here's your chance to come clean or brag about your pranking skills. Over my 35 yrs. I have pulled some really cool pranks, and been the victim of some good ones as well. But the one prank that sticks out as the coolest by far was pulled my Freshman year in High School. A bunch of us (12 to be exact) got together a couple of hours before school started and we took every teachers desk in our High School and swapped it out with a different teachers desk, when classes started there were absolutely no desks in the same rooms they originally were, and the reactions and responses from teachers were awesome. We had a super cool principal and when he gathered our entire class together in the Auditorium to discuss it, he told us it was wrong, but it was the funniest, most original prank he had ever seen. Since there really was no harm or damage done. He let us all go (since he also couldn't figure out which 12 it was) with only a stern warning. The pranks continued throughout High School, and there was never any harm or damage done so it became sort of a running joke with us and our principal and as long as they stayed clean and harmless he just gave a lecture on proper behavior LOL:).
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@missybal (4492)
• United States
14 Nov 06
Cool story. I was too much of a good girl then and I'm still a good girl today.
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@desideria (371)
• Romania
14 Nov 06
the best prank I pulled off was in high school on april fool's day. we had teacher that we didn't like and on that day we put an add on the class door that said "do not bother o come in...we left" but we were all in, very quiet. and she took the add and left. the next day she refused to come to classes and they had to change our teacher. and two weeks ago i was the victim of a very good one. a friend of mine gave my number to a matrimonial add site and i keep getting calls. i didn't mind. it was a good one