Forced Separation

saudi - women who do not have freedom
United States
January 22, 2008 5:24pm CST
Could you imagine being separated by your true love because your country is telling you that you cannot be with them? The only person who ever listened to you and who really cared? Well in Saudi Arabia that's one woman's situation because her family feels that he lowers their status, he doesn't make as much money as he does. So she is willing to kill herself if she can't be with him again, and she has two kids. What would you do?
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@sylvrrain (659)
• United States
23 Jan 08
I can't imagine how she must feel. How horrible. I can't imagine how her family would feel if she did kill herself, knowing they could have prevented it by minding their own business. So many cultures have ways that are archaic, they just do not fit with todays people or societies. They don't move with the times, but stay in the past and try to preserve a way of life that was OK a hundred years ago. I am ranting, sorry, but I really feel that we only have this life to live, and we should be able to be happy and spend our time with who we choose.
• United States
15 Feb 10
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@celiayun (11)
• China
23 Jan 08
well...I am the kind of person believe in personal freedom,I am not in that hard situation,I can not feel what they feel,however,I know,if she really love him so,she could not might give everything up for being with him.My suggestion is that,try to persuade the family,if can't,run with him.If the man won't,maybe he doesn't love her,and he doesn't worth the things taken.