Have to read more material before you decide to have a baby ?

January 22, 2008 9:32pm CST
Many mother told me the above , they called this is preparaton ! I want to know if it helps ornor ? as you know every mother want to have a heath baby , and as a future mother , we must do sth for our future baby , right ? Then read more material really helps ? I have no idea about it , would you mind telling me about it ?
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@Dolly13 (37)
• United States
25 Jan 08
Before I had my son, I read the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting". I found this book to be invaluable for a first-time mother. I also bought it for three other moms-to-be who were expecting after I had my son. In fact, I also had the sequel "What to Expect the First Year" These books are a wealth of information and bring forth things that you wouldn't even think to ask, but is god information to know.
• United States
24 Jan 08
Reading up is a good thing, but more as summary of what to expect than precisely how things will go. Today, there's also as many books about parenting behavior as there are about actual baby development. Parents just have to review all the information they come across and decide what's relevant. Joining parenting groups and talking to doctors can be helpful as well.
23 Jan 08
Nothing can prepare you for having a baby, I have got three children, my twins are 4 and my third is now 18 weeks. I read a bit when I found that I was expecting twins but I found a lot of conflicting information so I gave up. I also read a few books when I had my twins for tips about routines, weaning etc... I would say that you can learn more of more value by talking to other mums.
• United States
23 Jan 08
It is important to have information before deciding to have a baby. Baby's are a lot of work and you need to know what you are getting yourself into. I doubt you would make any major decision without researching first like buying a car, buying a house, etc. There is a wealth of information available online from message boards such as babyzone.com and ivillage.com.
@youless (98996)
• Guangzhou, China
23 Jan 08
It is good to have enough preparatin then to have a baby. However, my baby came unexpectedly. So when I was pregnant, I read information about it to make sure I would be careful and would not make any mistakes. It is very helpful to read information about it when I was pregnant.