what's your favourite car and why?

January 29, 2008 3:13am CST
I love Mini Cooper and only Mini Cooper because it looks so cute, modern and classical! I prefer the open style but it doesn't suit me due to polluted air of my city. How aboute you, my friend? What's your favourite car and why?
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@kykidd (6818)
• United States
4 Jun 08
Wow, I'm surprised to hear someone talk about a Mini Cooper and pollution. I would think that since they are so small, and so good on gas that they would be good for the environment. Maybe that's only compared to other cars. I myself love my old Corvette. I've never driven it. It doesn't have an engine or transmission. I bought it that way in hopes of fixing it up. Sometimes I go out in the garage and just sit in it. LOL Hopefully one of these days I'll get to drive it!
@irishmist (3819)
• United States
4 Jun 08
I like a car that is practical, and starts up and runs everyday. Pretty is nice, but what about the car's mecinisum. Is it good on gas, how many cylinders, what else is under the hood?, and what makes a car run. We spend a lot of money buying a car, we have to know what we are getting for our money. So anyway I like Old's, & Chevy's. I used to like Fords back in the day, but well they have become very on-reliable, they used to have so many re-calls it was not funny. We should pick a car for the gas milage and how well it performs.
@underdogtoo (9591)
• Philippines
31 May 08
A mini cooper is wonderful. I am partial to little cars and I drive a small car myself. It is easy to drive and parking is not a problem;the fact that with the skyrocketing prices of gas, driving has become a big problem which a small car is somewhat immune to. Cheers!!