How old were you when you learned how to ride a bike?

February 2, 2008 10:32am CST
I think that I was around 4 or 5 years old. How old were you and was your Mum ior Dad there to see your first bike ride without stabilisers?
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@BlackBay (584)
• Canada
5 Feb 08
I got my first bike as a reward for being a good flower girl at my cousins wedding when I was 6. I remember picking it out and everything. It was red, had high handle bars and a black bannana seat. When I got it home and tried to ride it I lost control and drove it into our Spruce tree, i was bruised pretty good,lol.
@pepjack (53)
• India
4 Feb 08
when i learnt to bike it was my 8th friend who was 12yr old helped me.I remember him always when i get in my bike.. thanks my friend:)
@cherriemae (3374)
• Philippines
3 Feb 08
i remembered i was 10yrs old, i have lots of cuts and bruises when i first ride with the bike, its hurting me to much but i never give up coz i want to learn...its too late for me to learn because we dont have a bike, i only borrowed it from my cousin, it's a big bike and at last i already learned and i'm so happy..
@justinus (1110)
• Karawaci, Indonesia
3 Feb 08
me too it was around 4 or 5 years and it was i big bicycle to me, there wasn't mini bike at the time, you see at the year of 1960 ? ha..ha..(LOL) there was a lot of stone at the road so taht I felt dowmn many times .....
• United States
2 Feb 08
I accualy didn't learn until I was about 7 or 8. My dad and my grandpa both tried to help me learn but It wasn't going so well. And then one day as I was on my bike(with my feet on the ground pushing myself around) I had gone down a little hill on accident so I my first reaction was to put my feet on the pedals and away I went. i was so proud of myself that day. lol
@mensab (4204)
• Philippines
2 Feb 08
i think i was late when i learned how to bike. i learned it when i was 10 after getting bruised and crashed several times. i did it by myself and without stabilisers. the feeling was exhilirating when i got to bike my first 10 meters.