Do you send your pictures from your mobile phone?

@maean_19 (4660)
February 5, 2008 2:56am CST
Many scandals are spreading nowadays because of one's negligence - excusable or not. Due to technology like mobile phones where you can forward or send pictures, videos, wallpapers, etc from one cellphone to many other's cellphone. With this kind of technology many lives were put into danger or to scandal and shame since the first sender never acted caution or at least respect the subject's personal life. We cannot control when one has to capture himself or herself for personal purpose or for sharing to a limited individual. On the other hand, we cannot also control the thinking of one who intentionally shares images or videos for gain or whatever reason. It has been scattered all over that sexy or unwholesome images or videos are forwarded not only to the first recipient. And if someone could see and view it, without any thinking likewise sends it to other people which is degrading. Am thinking how can this scandal be stopped. One way is, RESPECT one's personal life, send it only to someone you can TRUST or better yet don't send one. Another is, do not let anyone use your cellphone without asking permission from you. If you receive one by mistake, don't scatter it or delete it. It is very annoying on my part when some guys ask me for a "daring image or video"... I am liberated, but I still have a reputation and dignity to uplift. I won't allow anyone to take that away from me.
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• China
7 Feb 08
I never send anyone my pictures except my girlfriend.
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• Indonesia
5 Feb 08
I stand behind you, Maean_19, on behalf of our dignity as human being. I never sent pictures from my mobile phone yet. I'm even not interested in sending pictures from it. (I don't know why. hehehe...) God bless!