Do you think we grow away from freinds over the years?

@missbdoll (1168)
February 5, 2008 3:04am CST
A couple of weeks ago someone said to me, they felt over the years we cahnge and sometimes we just no longer have anything in common anymore.It really got me thinking, I've got a couple of freinds I've known for over 20 years and I still see.But I think a lot of people I've lost touch with as lives go in very different directions.What do you think
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@ericajoyce (1746)
• Philippines
21 May 08
Hello missdoll. Yes, I believe that there are some friends that we part from each other over the years. I have these two girl friends of mine when I was in grade school. We were so close that we usually hang out a lot. When we were in high school, I transferred to another school while the two of them stayed at the same school we studied when we were in grade school. We lost contact by then. Up until now. Its really sad because we were so close back then. I dont even know what happened. Its as if they didn't exist.
• United States
5 Feb 08
well I don't know...I had a friend in high school that moved away to Germany,and got married...never heard a word from her.Then one day 10 years later she finds me on myspace, we talk almost every day just as we did in highschool.Our lives are totally different, and so are our opinions, but we still love eachother and are best of friends :)
@uiwwitch (892)
• United States
5 Feb 08
It's true. But it wasn't because we no longer have anything in common, it was just harder to keep connected back then. There are some friends that I have lost touch with specially those from college that I would love to get in touch with again. Unfortunately, because at the time we did not have the convenience of the internet and even mobile phones, it was harder to keep in touch. The ones that I have been constantly seeing were my friends from high school who also happen to be my best friends.
5 Feb 08
I feel that i have lots of friends that i have known for years, but we can go through periods of speaking then we will go for a long time with out speaking or no contact, The good thing is that when ever we do meet up and speak to one another there is no awkard feeling and it only feels like yesterday when we last spoke. Then i have got my very good friends, and with them i am in contact on a very regular basis and it would miss them if i was not. I think that it is far better to have a few very good friends then it is to have lots of friends.