Do you ever take a step back from life, and be like. Is this what I want to do?

United States
February 18, 2008 5:57am CST
Are you one of those people that never really thinks about life and just goes with the flow, or are you one of those people that takes a while to think, and plan what they really want to do with their life? Why do you think you are that way?
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• Malaysia
13 Sep 08
yup sometimes i do feel like this. lately, even more ahaha! still searching for my 'spot' in this world at times. there are times when i just go with the flow, i think that's better though
@xParanoiax (6997)
• United States
13 Sep 08
I think as I go, actually. I'm always thinking, especially as I'm doing things. In my life, I kinda have to multitask and not thinking can be bad. Planning? usually. Plans tend to get crushed because of how unpredictable things are. So I'll have vague outlines and hopes that I'll work toward, but that's basically it. I will take a step back occasionally though. Because sometimes I do get too close to the details of my own life to think about them properly and see the truth of the matter.
@viewpoint (137)
• Philippines
10 Apr 08
I always think about my life. I've been through so much that I have learned to take my life seriously. I plan the things that I want to accomplish and try my best to achieve my goals.
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
18 Feb 08
I am always re=evaluating my life and the direction it is going. I want to be the best that I can be with all that I have in me, regardless of my limitations. I have always tried very hard at everything. I think I am like this because I was raised in a strict environment and I was always a leader, not a follower. I always wanted to be the best no matter what how much work it takes to achieve it.
@Tetchie (2933)
• Australia
18 Feb 08
IN my 20's I started to do that. I was always observing and having inner thoughts about life. That very hard question "what are we doing here" came up, like it does with many people. Most dismiss it, put it in the too hard basket and don't bother about the answer. For me the question is always with me so I can't just go with the flow. The "what I want to do" question is too hard for me though. It's one of the hardest questions to answer - taken beyond I want a car, I want a house, I want a partner, I want things. In my late 30's I took the leap and stopped walking with the cattle, left my career in search of the bigger questions. Purpose sometimes comes into that question and for most it's something that changes, it's not static. Lucky are those that find the one thing and stick to it and are content.