What keeps your interest most in TV shows?

February 19, 2008 6:53am CST
I watch a wide range of TV shows and the one constant is the characters, if I don't like them I quit watching. I wondered if everybody feels that way or is there another reason why a TV show becomes a favourite?
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@Fishmomma (11390)
• United States
20 Feb 08
I agree that good characters are important to keep my interest. I'll stop watching a show with dull boring story lines. This season I have reduced my television viewing, as several shows really have gone downhill to me.
21 Feb 08
I usually give a new show a couple of episodes before I stop watching, as it gives the characters/storyline time to establish. Sometimes they just don't know when to quit with a series and it goes well past it's best.
• Philippines
19 Feb 08
I watch certain TV shows because of the story. The characters are of course important too. I have seen some TV shows with well-known actors and actresses but I really do not like how the story goes.
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19 Feb 08
I like a good strong story but if the characters aren't believable/likeable, it just doesn't work at least not for me. I know what you mean about well known actors/actresses, they can often over shadow a story too much because of who they are, the story should be the star not them.