Days Like These??....

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March 14, 2008 1:23pm CST
You know some days I just want to GO, and thats a luxury that doesn't come once you have kids and some days its really though. Namely, because I know I gained like 50 pounds over the relentless Winter, down to 2 pairs of pants, and I need to get moving! There are some days that just do not go at all to your expectations and those are the hardest. Like today, I woke up at 9 oclock and poured the kids a bowl of cereal and peeled my three apples, a ritual I have. I cleaned the babies up, my youngest trying to see how high she can get her milk to splash I nearly fly over to avoid a bigger mess. Well, I started checking my email and doing some mylot and checking my school page, the news. Then I go to get the kids in the tub, gone are the days where they actually WANT to take 'bubbles' and I nearly had to wrestle my oldest into the tub. After their done I let the water go and jump in taking a quick shower. We get out AND THATS WHERE THE HARD PART BEGINS. They will do everything EVERYTHING except get dressed or even LET me dress them, my youngest is pretty easy to coax but my youngest always has something she insist I need to see or do,etc. I FINALLY get them both dressed and go to dress myself and now its 12:30pm! Im real close to finishing and already got our outside plan squared when my oldest is saying 'eggs', worse case scenario EVER. BEcause now if they eat I have to go to crazy measures to make sure they do not get dirty (though some days I just let it go out of desperation) OR Im gonna have to dress them ALL OVER! Im not the most organized person, and I know alot of mothers wake up at 7Am, Im not in that clique. Do you ever go through days like these, where you just want to go??
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@pumpkinjam (7383)
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14 Mar 08
I've had days like those. I'm often in a rush first thing in the morning. Baths have to be in the evening because there is no time in the morning! I am one of those mothers who gets up at 7. Well, before 7 usually! Having to get one son to school for 8.45 I don't really have much choice. Well, I would be able to get up a bit later if I could be sure everything would go smoothly. The actual getting ready and getting to school takes around 1 hour in total so you'd think we could have an extra half hour but it's all the messing around in between. When my 8 year old stops half way through putting his shoes on while I talk to him or stops for no reason in the middle of the room or my toddler decides that the best place for his breakfast is the floor! Weekends, you'd think would be better but I'm still rushing around. Often having every intention of being out of the house in the morning but having to have lunch first and ending up not getting anywhere until 2pm. What I find much worse though is if you're waiting for an adult. You say when you need to go and then they're still nowhere near being ready when you need to go!
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15 Mar 08
You know it just never occurred to me to wash the kids every night instead of the morning as silly as that sounds. We haven't really done anything real strenous except camp out in the mall, bookstores, toy stores, etc and that has been our regimen for the Winter. There have been those good weeks where we did go to parks and they did get dirty but still went right through me. I did notice the days I have washed them at night they did seem more calm and settled so Im gonna have to definately give it a go. I guess coming home exhausted in most cases I just looked on it as more work but i was just wrong. It will definately help ME be more calm and settled when setting out in the morning.
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