United States
March 17, 2008 4:55am CST
watching the news this morning and in LA the truck turned on it's side and 400 hives of bees were loosed, on the highway. The bees stung firefighters and police that tried to corral them. I will bet that they were glad to get that job overwith. But the thing about bees that is staring, to worry me, is that the bees are starting to disappear. they are crucial to having pollination at flowers and food crops. What will we do if ALL the BEES go away??
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@p1kef1sh (45638)
20 Mar 08
A friend that has bee hives here in the UK tells me that there are two principal causes for the decimation of bees both in North America and Europe. The first is Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) for which there is no known cure. The second is a form of a be disease called Varroa. This s a new and virulent parasite that is so far resistant to attempts to kill it. Bee pollination is a huge business and if the bees disappear we shall have an international crises on our hands. In London, England, just last winter two thirds of hives were killed off. This is quite catastrophic and nobody yet, has a real means to combat it.
@GreenMoo (11837)
9 Apr 08
I hadn't realised that the problem in the UK was quite so serious. I knew that bees were on the decrease, but thanks for sharing that statistic, it's quite sobering.
@kaysue4 (951)
• United States
19 May 08
We had a small swarm show up yesterday on my one tree in front of my house where my dogs go in and out of. It is amazing to see them so close up and see them protecting the queen bee. I was going to post a picture, but it is not letting me. But because the honeybee is rare, I am paying a small fee to have it taken down out of my tree. I don't want anyone to get bitten by this little things.
@Sir_bobby88 (8242)
• Singapore
12 May 08
Well no worries as long they are not extinct , i believe we could attract bees or bring bee hive to your district yea .
@tessah (6621)
• United States
17 Mar 08
some scientist with a god complex will invent some sort of mutated genetically engineered "bee" to try to replace that which theyve destroyed. seems to be the pattern anyway..
@GardenGerty (118006)
• United States
17 Mar 08
I saw a show about this on the Weather Channel yesterday. It seems they are figuring out that there are viruses and bacteria and mites that are causing colony collapse. I think since they are finding the cause of this, they are well on their way to remedy it.