Mind Candy vs. Art

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March 17, 2008 5:20pm CST
What do you prefer when watching a film? I find that as I've gotten older I seem to gravitate toward films that offer more than just two hours of mind candy. Just the other day my roomie tried to get me to watch Shanghai Noon and I just had no interest whatsoever. I mean, they could've named it Rush Hour 6---The Wild West. Jackie Chan is like the Elvis of the new millenium. Every movie the same goofy expressions when the same tired kung-fu moves go wrong---once again. How many times can you watch that? Now, I'm not opposed to a movie now and again that's just fun to watch. I'm just selective, that's all. Ghost World was a fun movie to watch but also a very good movie in my opinion. They can be both. The Spokesman www.freewebs.com/spokesman
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• United States
17 Mar 08
Mostly what I want to watch is a good movie with an interesting story that tells me something. Sometimes, if I am at home, I might watch something just for entertainment. But, mostly, I want to see a movie that will keep me thinking long after the movie is over. I don't really like movies that are "art for art's sake" though.