Loseing weight

United States
March 21, 2008 4:56am CST
I am trying to lose some weight. I am doing very well but i am wondering when is the best time to eat fruit i here morning is best. and what fruits are to high in sugar, watermelon is i know .
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@mbs730 (2151)
• Canada
22 Mar 08
Congrats on making a good decision for your health. The timing of when to eat certain foods, carbs or not is a myth. There is nothing wrong with having a piece of fruit say at 9pm. When I was on Jenny Craig, 55lbs fell off of me in a short time and every night at 9 I had a slice of cake or some cookies, all under 200 cals of course but a piece of fruit will be less than that. Eating too much before bed is not a good idea regardless, mostly because it will keep you up at night but if you have a snack that is of a low caloric intake, carb or protein several hours before bed, you will be okay. Watermelon is high in sugar but a little here and there won't hurt. An apple is roughly 100 calories, a medium orange is 60, those are sure safe to eat at night. Anyway my point is that you could really eat fruit at anytime of the day!! Morning, afternoon, evening, night..
@stephcjh (32303)
• United States
21 Mar 08
I'm glad that you are doing well with losing weight. I wish I had more time to exercise. I really don't know when is the best time to eat fruit though. I eat it at all times of the day. I wish I could eat healthier but cannot afford to buy extras for my family. We usually buy the cheaper things that will feed all of us.