What makes you sad? Or Unhappy? Or what gets into your nerves?

March 24, 2008 10:15pm CST
I am always up to knowing what makes other people happy. And I am very positive everyday not to make any ridiculous choice of making other people mad at me so I won't feel bad and sad myself. [b] However, at times, we cannot get away with things that makes us sad. What makes you sad? How do you cope up with it?[/b] When things get into your nerves, how would you react?
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@winterose (39893)
• Canada
26 Mar 08
it makes me sad when someone I know is hurting especially my own family, but even my friends or neighbours what makes me happy is when I can help them and my writing makes me happy too, I have written two books and hundreds of articles. when the computer is not working properly it really gets on my nerves.
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@Nardz13 (5056)
• New Zealand
25 Mar 08
Hi there... When someone that I care about or love, is sick or passes, would make me very sad. How would I cope, I dont even want to think about it, there are alot of mixed feelings and emotions experienced, only time can tell how and when we get over that trauma. Have a grea day...
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• Philippines
25 Mar 08
when people make fun of me and make stories that are not true...that make me feel sad. also, in the process of choosing something...when it turns out bad...i blame myself which make me feel sad
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@SHAMRACK (8586)
• India
31 Mar 08
Dear friends, All those who hurts me makes me sad moreover if it from loved and trusted one I do feel more sadder. Anyhow it another part of our feel until we do not taste sad we do know the taste of happiness. Hence I feel to be too much sad might lead to metal problems. I would like to make other happy and unhappiness has tasted in many ways as and when I tasted happiness. Being nerves when I gets into something I do not feel that I could make it well not every time. It purely depends upon the my mental condition possessed at that time.
@stephcjh (32303)
• United States
31 Mar 08
Everything seems to get on my nerves anymore. I am hardly ever happy because I am too worried about life and the bills and you name it. It makes me sad that my husband and I are working seven days a week now just to make it and we never have time to sit back and enjoy life. I hope it all pays off in the end though. I am very grouchy sometimes when my phone rings off the hook too when I am trying to sleep so I just turn it off. It gets on my nerves also when they know I need to work every day and get some rest sometime.