Do you store raw fish and meat in freezer

March 25, 2008 1:53am CST
I got 3-4 variety of fish and meat from the market, since we don't get fish at my place and I have to travel long-long distance to get some.I wont finish them in a day or two.I washed and cleaned and put them in seperate freezer boxes and stored them in the freezer.Do you think its okey to store them this way or .... I crave for fishes but its so much of problem, as I want them everyday but can't get them until I buy them together in varieties and store them, and morover only 2 person to eat.
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@babu_nth (39)
• India
25 Mar 08
its better to take everyday. It comes to matket after 1 - 2 weeks after it was caught, so i think daily is batter than preserve or freezing
@qouniq (1968)
• Malaysia
25 Mar 08
Are you sure it will be reaching market after 1 - 2 week it were caught?! In my place, the fish at the wet market wouldn't stay there after 2 days been caught...
@faith210 (11233)
• Philippines
20 Apr 08
Hi suchandra! I do the same thing. I usually buy fish,meat and vegetables that is for one week consumption. I clean them and store them in separate boxes, then just thaw it when I will cook it. Just my thoughts dear friend! Take care and have a nice day!
• Canada
29 Mar 08
yea, if im going to freeze the food for more than a week. but if im keeping it work a day i keepit in the fridge.
@qouniq (1968)
• Malaysia
25 Mar 08
I think if you eat them everyday, you can store them like that. But how much did u bought?! 2 kilo? 5 kilo? if 2 kilo is still ok. Make sure you consume them faster or the fish wouldn't taste nice when it is too long in the fridge. Is it fresh water fish or the sea water? I heard for the sea water fish is better not to clean them up with fresh water when we want to keep them in the fridge. Let the sea water like that so the fish wouldn't get rotten faster.