Simple Ways to be healthy

March 27, 2008 2:23pm CST
Early to rise and early to bed makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.
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@mbs730 (2148)
• Canada
28 Mar 08
Since I suffer from depression, I would easily be the type to sleep til noon and would probably feel that much worse. I guess having kids in this case is a blessing because with kids, you can't sleep til noon. On weekends until 9 but on weekdays its earlier.
@stephcjh (38557)
• United States
28 Mar 08
I think so too if we fully apply ourselves each day. I am working nights now so my sleep schedule is all messed up. When I was working days, I would go to bed early and get up early to get my day started. I am working seven days a week right now to try and stay up with the times and try to get ahead also. It is alot of work, but I hope it pays off in the end.
@lilaclady (28209)
• Australia
27 Mar 08
As much as I hate getting out of bed in the mornings, I know that when I do have to get up and I have had my breakfast I do feel great, so i think you may be right...