Who was Mandodri?

March 27, 2008 2:48pm CST
Can you sketch out the character of Mandodri in Ramayan?She has played a vital role in Ramayan.
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@alpha6 (47)
• India
17 Jul 08
she was auspicious queen of Ravan and tried her level best to keep away Ravan to battle with RAM but couldnot succed and lost her beloved husband
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@Phlamingho (7825)
• Denmark
27 Mar 08
Give me an pen and paper and I'll give you a sketch :-)
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• New Zealand
21 Nov 08
Mandodri was Ravans first wife. She was also the queens of Lanka. She is the mother of Megnath. When ravan and mandodri first met they were in love. Mandodri was very attracted towards Ravan. She loved Ravan's attitude towards life and the fact that he was so brave and courages, his style. She was also attrached towards his goodness. ( when they met, Ravan was good) Both Ravan and Mandodri had a good start but Ravan's change in behavoiur also changed their relationship. And we all know how it ended
• India
17 Aug 11
Everyone knows Mandodari as the wife of Ravan and the queen of Lanka. She was the daughter of the a great architect Maya. He could create optical illusions in his architecture and had built such buildings during Mahabharatha that lead to Duryodhana's fall which made Draupadi laugh and the story goes when he avenged his insult. Happy mylotting.
• India
14 Aug 11
Hi Brigendra,i have read ramayan, i have watched in tv, seen the movie too, as a hindu i am proud of our rich heritage, it is unique in the world, Mandodari is wife of Ravana. Thanks for sharing Have a nice day ahead. Professor ‘@Bhuwan@’. .