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@desireeo (595)
March 28, 2008 4:11am CST
do you notice how some posts that are really boring get a lot of response? no offense meant. i don't claim mine are better. it's just an opinion. i think posts that are easy to respond to get more attention although they're, let's just say, trivial. i think it's because we don't want to wrack our brains thinking for a smart answer. we want things that are no-brainers. easier and saves time that way.... again, this is just an opinion. i might be the only one who think this way.
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@kwenge (2492)
• Kenya
28 Mar 08
I also think the same way as you. I have seen trivia discussions get even 100 responses while a well structured and well thought discussion get only 3 or 4 responses. For me, sometimes I get tired reading looong posts so that i can respond to them. I like short and clear discussion. Also getting more responses depends on the time of the you posted the discussion and the number of active friends you have.
@tk4159 (134)
28 Mar 08
ya may be this is also a reason why people dont try to use their brains but may be becuase of less time people dont want to respond such posts which need time to think...........well reasons can me many more!!!
@nengs10 (3188)
• Philippines
28 Mar 08
Some posts are really appealing to others. Maybe, they just can relate to those posts. Well, in my case, I really encourage my friends here especially to view my discussions and perhaps, answer those that they think they can relate with. Happy posting.
@marciascott (25553)
• United States
28 Mar 08
You are right I was just thinking the same thing I always think about that because it is true, Like a discussion I made, How do you cook your eggs? I must of got 72 to 76 replys on that one. I think the thing is,is to think about something that everyone can relate to, when I first started here almost 2 yrs, ago, I wrote a discussion about Chicken who likes Chicken I must of got 325 replys on it.
• Philippines
28 Mar 08
hi desiree...i think some posts are getting many responses are the ones posted by groups of particular discussion group of high ranking people...members will always respond to myriad of discussion topics whether it be boring or not...i also agree that most people like to response to no brainer or simple topic...because its simple! ^_^ hehe