how many languages you know

April 2, 2008 10:55pm CST
I have a passion for learning languages I know English it is a Communication world wide accepted language. I want to learn German,French,Spanish,Urdu I know a little bit of Hindi Can you let me know how many you know
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• Philippines
3 Apr 08
i am a native of the philippines.. i know tagalog,bisaya, and ilocano, three different dialects in the philippines.. of course i know english.. and since philippines was once colonized by spain, even that was hundred years ago, we filipinos inherited some spanish words and phrases.. i know to speak spanish but im not very fluent.. now, im learning italian, and if given a chance, i like to learn latin in the near future..
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• Malaysia
14 Dec 08
I have a passion in learning lnngauges as well. I know Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), Malay (national language of Malaysia, which is where I live in), English and some Japanese. I studied the first three languages since primary while began taking Japanese courses about a year ago in my University, which offered it as a part of my degree course.
@jmr201 (183)
• United States
3 Apr 08
im hispanic so i know engish and spanish....
@luckycat (220)
• Bolivia
3 Apr 08 guys are amazing..I am Chinese.English.Japanese.Germany.But i still want to learn French and Spanish.