How you make your partner feel Good?

@ciades (1623)
April 9, 2008 2:36am CST
There are some tips/recommendations in how you make your partner feel Good. Just simply make a comments if you are agree or disagree of the idea and share your other and owned recommendations about the subject matter. For Man: Make the Men Feel Good By showing... 1- Flirt with him in public place??? 2- Just once, leave the toilet lid up 3- Lavish him with compliments 4- Tell him how sexy he is 5- Act jealous once in a while, even if you are not 6- Remind him that he is wonderful mate, husband, father,whichever applies 7- Tell him how handsome you find him. For Woman: Make the Woman Feel Good by showing... 1- Tell her how beautiful she is 2- Compliment her on her many skills and be specific 3- Just once let the toilet seat down 4- Tell her how much she means to you 5- Let her know that she is your best friend 6- Show affectionate to her in front of family and friends 7- Let her know that you find her sexy. The above may help...But you can add any recommendations.
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@checapricorn (16061)
• United States
10 Apr 08
Thanks for these info. I guess giving your full trust too and respect in a way that you will respect his/her privacy like never read his/her emails or txt messages, give him time to hang out with his friends when he ask for it.These plus yours output will truly help to have a successful relationship!
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@winterose (39887)
• Canada
10 Apr 08
support her, encourage her tell her she is smart and a worthy person and help her fulfill her dreams.
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• India
9 Apr 08
i would say that your partner feel good is really important.flirt with them,it will keep the spice in your relationship.send them good text messages once in a while it will make them think that you think of them often.surprise with flowers or a small gift,it makes a difference to teh partner since he/she realizes that you still feel teh same about them.compliment them on their looks when they wear something different or will make them feel that they appear attractive to you afetr all this time they've been with you.
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