Something strange with my computer

@TriciaW (2441)
United States
April 9, 2008 6:43am CST
My computer is acting funny. This morning I woke up to being logged off but the computer was on. Now I just noticed that my date was set to June 11th. Kind of freaky since I hadn't touched the date and I did not restart my computer last night. I guess I won't know what happened but it kind of freaks me out. No one here could have done it because it is in my room and I would have heard them messing with it. hhmmm maybe computer ghosts.
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• Canada
9 Apr 08
It could be your mother board battery dying. I was told that when my time keeps changing, that's the reason for it. I'm not sure how to replace the battery, but I'm going to try to get it replaced at some point. You should look into that and see if it's the problem.
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• Canada
10 Apr 08
Check for latest virus and spyware, whenever we go to internet these type of things are common if we have old antivirus and no spyware intalled to our computers.
@Thoroughrob (11746)
• United States
9 Apr 08
They sometimes seem like they have their own mind. I think I would run my security program, just to be safe.
@Esoteric1 (865)
• Canada
9 Apr 08
yeah I'd hae to say that problem with the time is probably the battery, and waking up to it logged off but on .. I'd say your machine restarted at some point. both have happened to me as well as other issues, for the most part if it doesn't freeze bsod or cause you any other problems assuming everything you want to do you can, don't worry about it, you might wanna get a new battery though but the time being off shouldn't effect you much if any. I'd worry if it was always Bsod'ing freezing hanging or restarting by itself.