III Ancient Gods-The Sun

April 12, 2008 8:27pm CST
The pagan priests always considered the solar system as the GrandMan, and drew their analogy of these 3 centres of activity from the main centres of life in the human body: the brain,the heart and the generative system. Recognizing the sun as the supreme benefactor of the material world,Hermetists belived that there was a spiritual sun which minstered to the needs of the invisible and divine part of Nature-human and universal. Paracelsus wrote;" There is an earthly sun ,which is the cause of all this heat.and all who are able to see the sun;and those who are blind and cannot see him may feel his heat. There is an Eternal Sun , Which is the source of all wisdom ,and those whose spiritual senses have awakened to life will see that sun and be conscious of His existence;but those who have not attained spiritual consciousness may yet feel His power by an inner faculty which is called Intuition". In the majority of cases , the religions of antiquity agree that the material visible sun was a reflector rather than a source of power. The sun was sometimes represented as a shield carried on the arm of the Sun God , as for exemple, Frey , the Scandinavian Solar Deity. this sun reflected the light of the invisible spiritual sun , which was the true source of life ,light and truth. What the sun is to the solar system ,the spirit is to the bodies of man; for his natures ,organs and functions are planets surrounding the central life and living upon it's emanations. The star of Zion/The Signet Of Solomon/ The Star of David represent the spiritual and material universes linked together in the constitution of the human creature , who partakes of both Nature and Divinity.
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13 Apr 08
extremely informative. Do have any sources?
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13 Apr 08
I have the info from various books. I studied Ancient History in the first semester at college and my final paper is based on medieval documents regarding witchcratf,sourceries,gods,the devil and their evolution through history. It's a small part from one of my esseys ...
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