Have you ever been asked why and you don't actually know what to answer??

April 13, 2008 12:04am CST
I attended a funeral service of one of my bosses last Wednesday and i had this eerie feeling. You see, my late boss has been ill about 10 years before he died. He had a kidney cancer. In one of the eulogies, his wife and doctor told the congregation that my late boss during his last few days used to ask them WHY? Why did God allowed him to suffer in an illness like that? Why did it have to be cancer? According to his wife, he even asked whether or not he was a good person and his wife told him that he is. He then asked, "If i am a good person, why do i have to suffer like this?" His wife and even his doctor didn't know what to answer.. I got an eerie feeling hearing all that because i also experienced the same. A couple of years ago, my mom also died of ovarian cancer and being her constant companion during her last days, i wasn't spared of being asked the same question from a patient who suffers from such a painful illness. I also didn't know how to answer my mother that time, I guess i just managed to tell her that only God knows why. I understand that cancer patients suffer from the pain so much that sometimes their faith wavers and who wouldn't be afraid if you probably feel that you are slowly dying. I have seen how my mom struggled so much and despite of her frustrations, i know that she still have faith that she will get well. This is also true with my late boss. Eventually, in their struggle, they have accepted everything and despite of their hopes, i know that in their last breath, they have surrendered everything to the Lord. I also had no other choice bu to surrender everything to a God who knows everything.. to a God who knows how and what to answer when He would be asked the WHY question. I'm sure both my mom and my late boss know the answers now.
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30 Aug 08
Yes. I have been asked why alot of times by alot of people and I do know why sometimes, but alot of times, I am not really sure how to answer the person or make it to where they will understand it.