what's the best gift you gave to your boy/girlfriend?

@chechuva (1275)
April 13, 2008 5:01am CST
before my boyfriend left to other country, i gave him a shirt where our picture is printed and at the back of it is my simple expression of love for him... i think this is the best so far that i gave to my boyfriend... how about you, what's the best gift you gave to your boy/girlfriend?
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@stephcjh (32303)
• United States
30 Aug 08
I don't have a boyfriend but I do have a husband. I gave him myself for one. I always give him the love and attention he needs and I also make sure he gets the material things out of life if I am able to.
@julyteen (13257)
• Davao, Philippines
13 Apr 08
the best gift that i give to my girlfriend is my pure love. no material things that can compare that kind of gift. material will worn out but the love with your constant affection will grow day by day. i give her lots of material things but won't consider it as best, it's only my love. thanks for the post.
@luckycat (220)
• Bolivia
13 Apr 08
Well.On my boyfriend 's birthday.I gave him someting i made myself.a little chain.His name was on that too.I remember he cried when i gave him,he was touched.But we broke up on year ago.lol!
@kezabelle (2980)
13 Apr 08
The best gift I ever gave my partner (and that he gave me too) are the gift of our two beautiful little girls. They are a complete expression of our love for one another and im thankful as is he for that special wonderful gift we were able to give one another
• Bahamas
13 Apr 08
that's kinda easy for me cause i just sent my wife a no-special-occasion floral arrangement. however, while it looked like a floral arrangement on the way to her desk, she and everyone else in her office noticed that the entire arrangment was made of fruits and completely edible. i've uploaded it to my photos if your curious. that lady had to give biz cards to almost everyone in that office
• India
13 Apr 08
me and my girl are electronics engineer. i am interested in making any technical stuff. so i made a colourful lights that shows her name saying "HAppy BirthDay". its bit chilly but i love to give her. unfortunately i still have it in my hande and not yet gave her