What's your favorite song ?

April 15, 2008 2:44pm CST
I don't really like iron maiden songs ... they sounds to me .... a little old but i really really love Fear of The Dark I think it is the perfect song. it's great and the instrumental version also more. What do you think about it ?
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27 Jul 09
I would have to say mine would be Genghis Khan from the Killers album. Although its instrumental, it really is a great song.
• Indonesia
8 Jan 09
"iron maiden,transylvania,and many moore.I really like iron maiden songs
• Malaysia
16 Oct 08
OLder Iron maiden are my favorite. I think 'PowerSlave' is the most amazing album of all. I love everysong in it especially "2 minutes to midnight'.
@raxerdis (132)
5 Oct 08
my favourite song is caught somewhere in time. yea fear of the darkis good. havent heard about the instrumental version is it good?
@sixclix (677)
• Philippines
13 Dec 08
Iron Maiden came out way ahead before I first got interested in music but the first time I heard Flight of Icarus, it just blew me away and just had to listen to the rest of their albums. Maiden defined new wave of british heavy metal and their sound continues to influence heavy metal to this day. That's because they just sound great. Up the Irons!
• India
25 Dec 08
There are many many great Maiden songs.... listen to blood brothers,number of the beast hallowed by thy name... and the list goes on and on....
• India
29 Jun 08
maiden - maiden rawks!
well their songs are amazing!i like ear of the dark too.but hallowed be thy name is their best!
• United States
17 Apr 08
"Hallowed Be Thy Names", "Run To The Hills", "The Trooper", "The Number of The Beast", and "Paschendale". those are my favorite Iron Maiden songs.
@maliki2 (255)
• United States
30 Apr 08
Somewhere in Time is by far my favorite Maiden song. Run to the Hills, takes a close second. The musical rifts are just insane and it's really catchy. I wasn't even a big Maiden fan in the 80s, but I'm starting to appreciate them more often these days.
• Finland
1 May 08
Iron Maiden is just perfect and all the songs are too. But if I would have to choose one specific song, I think it would be Die With Your Boots on. All classics are so many times heard that they aren't the best anymore.