Do you use special numbers when you buy lottery tickets?

@kieungoc (232)
United States
April 24, 2008 2:07pm CST
Who doesn't want to win the lotto? I wouldn't say that I'm obsessed, but I have tried using different methods in choosing numbers. Once, I wrote all the numbers on separate paper, folded them, and then drew the numbers from a hat. I went around to 6 of my favorite people and ask them to draw a number from the hat. I still think that was a great method. Lately, I've been using my family's birthday. I didn't like this since the numbers were very close together. Now I do numerology stuff like adding numbers together. What crazy thing do you do to try and pick the winning numbers?If you use any of my methods and you win, could you buy me a house?
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@greenline (14858)
• Canada
15 May 08
I haven't won any big prices so far. But, I do have affinity for some special numbers ! Thank you , and wish you good luck !
@sun2day (1063)
• Virgin Islands (U.S.)
14 May 08
Friend I wish I could help advise you, but sorry my time of gambling is over. Best of luck to you.
@rhane7315 (5670)
• Philippines
14 May 08
yes, the special number that i use was usually my birthday, my bf's birthday, our anniversary, age, etc,
@Adelida2233 (1008)
• United States
14 May 08
I also use the birthday method. I think that is one of the more common ways of picking original numbers. Mine is a combination of my birthday and my boyfriends birthday. I have won a free ticket a couple of times(3 numbers correct), but $50 once, but nothing of real substance, at least not yet.
@lovenluck (1068)
• India
25 Apr 08
i usually believe in these things lucky number, lucky day, lucky color ,etc..I believe in destiny If i am destined To win No one can beat me And if I am destine to lose no numbers can change it. That is the principle I follow not only for lottery but for everything in life Give your best And god will do the rest. I believe every thing is pre planned and we are merely executing his plans