Luck or destiny?????????????

@lovenluck (1068)
April 25, 2008 8:37am CST
What do you believe in Riding on luck or waiting for destiny to strike. I believe in destiny , I believe everything is pre written and we are just playing our role in god]s mega movie..........
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• Philippines
25 Apr 08
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i believe in luck, almost everything depends on your luck, luck could be your destiny, if you take some effort to test your luck you could change your destiny, because destiny is written on your own hands, its about making your own choice, luck therefore is something that alter your own destiny. why do you think poor people got chance to be rich? isn't poor would always stay poor? but if there is luck poor can be rich, in an unexpected way...
@lovenluck (1068)
• India
25 Apr 08
every one has his own perception of seeing things so Nothinh much to say here...........thanks you for responding and happy mylotting
• Argentina
25 Apr 08
May be god has written our destiny but he only knows it, we really can´t provide or asure that. Have a nice day ! Martín !